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About workshops, collecting expeditions... (under construction)

  Expedition of Partner 01 (JCCM) to Madrid (Spain) for collecting Crocus carpetanus (March, 2011)
  Expedition of Partner 04 (UPV) to Huelva (Spain) for collecting Crocus serotinus (October, 2010).


  Collection of wild Crocus taxa from Greece (2010-2011)
Expe. Dr. Joaquin Medina

Expedition of Dr. Joaquin Medina to the Spanish Central System, for collecting the Iberian endemism Crocus carpetanus or mountain saffron (2010):

The Port of Peñanegra and San Martín de la Vega del Alberche

saffron farm in Ourika
  In April 2010, Prof. J.A. Fernández visits the "La Safranière Tnin de l'Ourika", a saffron farm in Ourika Valley in Morocco. Approximately thirty kilometres away from Marrakech, the Ourika valley spreads between the first foothills of the Atlas Mountains (www.safran-ourika.com).

2nd International Workshop on Saffron Molecular Characterisation
Albacete, 25-26 February 2010

Expedition to Altomira
Prof. Jose-Antonio Fernandez and the collecting team
Dr. Marcelino-De-Los-Mozos-Pascual in the collecting place
Photo by Dr. Joaquín Medina (INIA)
San Gimignano
A wind-mill in Consuegra
San Gimignano
International Symposium
Some symposium attendants
Prof. Jose A. Fernandez with poster
International Symposium (Albacete, Spain)
ISSBT. Iran, 2006
Fisrt Meeting