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Expedition to the Parque Natural Baixa Limia-Serra do Xurés
(Ourense, Galicia, Spain). March, 2009

Expedition to Galicia
The Collectors
View of the Serra do Xurés. In front the Parque Nacional
Peneda Gerê
s, Portugal. Both naturalspaces, Spanish and
Portuguese, are part of the same ecosystem: a transition between
the Eurosiberian and the Mediterranean zones
the collecting team. From left to right: Mana Ando, Ramiro
Iglesias, Prof. Jose-Antonio Fernandez & Fernando de Andres
  Collecting place   Collecting place
  Landscape of the phytosociological association
ULICI EUROPAEI –ERICETUM CINEREAE typical of the Eurosiberian
region. The association is the most characteristic of Galicia
  Pinus silvestris trees
  Crocus carpetanus Boiss. & Reut.   Ramiro Iglesas. Herbario de la Universidad de Santiago
  Crocus carpetanus Boiss. & Reut.   The botanist Mr. Ramiro Iglesias of the
Herbarium of the University of Santiago de Compostela
  Crocus carpetanus   The Collectors
  Crocus carpetanus   Crocus carpetanus
  Expedition to Galicia   Expedition to Galicia
  Expedition to Galicia   Expedition to Galicia
Cachena” cattle grazing in the Parque Natural Baixa Limia-Serra do Xurés, an autochthonous breed from Galicia