Most of participants (not all)
From left to right: Prof. Jose-Antonio Fernandez, Prof. Maria Tsimidou, Dr. Jacqueline Keyhani, Prof. Ezzatollah Keyhani, Dr. Esperanza Martinez, and Dr. Stella Ordoudi
Prof. J.A. Fernandez in a TV set
From left to right: Mrs and Dr Agayev, Ms Maryam Sanei, Prof. J.A. Fernandez, Dr. G. Betti, and Dr. M. Schmidt
Prof. J.A. Fernandez preparing his presentation of the CrocusBank project
The talk
The audience
Discussion on Biology and Biotechnology (session II)
With a group of Iranian colleagues and students
Prof. Alireza Koocheki, chairman of the meeting
Time for awards
Traditional dances
Saffron festival
Prof. J.A. Fernandez truly surrounded by saffron flowers
Prof. M. Tsimidou, convener of the next symposium in Greece
Dr. J. Zhao (Shanghai) and Dr. I.A. Khan (Pithoragarh, India)
Our friends Dr. Gul Zaffar and Dr. Firdous Nehvi from Kashmir
Collecting flowers