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Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH)


Institution: Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Department/Faculty/Institute/Laboratory name:

Dept. of Chemistry, Laboratory of Food Chemistry & Technology [Department of Chemistry. University Campus 54124 Thessaloniki . Greece]

Dept. of Genetics and Plant Breeding and Institute of Agrobiotechnology, Centre for Research and Technology Hellas [6th km. Charilaou-Thermis Rd. P.O. Box 361, 570 01 Thermi, Thessaloniki, Greece]

Contact Person: Dr. Maria Tsimidou

Expertise / Role: Chemical Analysis (quality). Genetics and Plant Breeding

Duties: Participation in CEGC (WP-05) and AG (WP-06).

Team: Dr. M. Tsimidou, Associate Professor of Food Chemistry; Dr. A. Tsaftaris, Professor of Genetics and Plant Breeding; Dr. A. Polidoras-Polidoros, Associate Researcher; Dr. M. Fani, Lecturer of Chemistry; Dr. N. Nenadis, Researcher; K. Pasentis, Technician; and K. Apostolos, PhD student.


Aims and Activities



1- Evaluation of the colouring strength in stigmas of the different saffron accessions as a phenotypic performance character intrinsically associated to the quality of the spice.


2- Assessment of valuable germplasm for saffron breeding.