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The University of Leicester (ULEIST)


Institution: The University of Leicester

Department/Faculty/Institute/Laboratory name: Molecular Cytogenetics Group. Department of Biology

Address: University Road Leicester LE1 7RH. United Kingdom

Contact Person: Prof. John S. (Pat) Heslop-Harrison

Expertise / Role: Molecular Cytogenetics. Genomics.

Duties: Management of AG (WP-06) and participation in CCG (WP-02), DG (WP-03), CEGA/CEGC (WP-05), and PMC (WP-07).

Team: Dr. J. S. (Pat) Heslop-Harrison, Professor of Molecular Cytogenetics and Cell Biology; and Dr. T. Schwarzacher, Lecturer at the Department of Biology (Associate Profesor)


Aims and Activities


1- Characterization of accessions by cytogenetic and molecular techniques.

2- Advice on genomics, systematics and evolutionary relationships on the genus Crocus , based on the previous experience of this group with Crocus spp chromosomal and molecular analysis.

3- Providing of seed and samples of Crocus spp from private collections (The Crocus Group).

4- Guidance and supervision of the taxonomy, culture conditions and primary characterization of the accessions by Crocus experts.

5- Establishment of a network of collaboration between Crocus growers and the bank of germplasm.