WP Title: Multiplication, conservation and documentation

Lead Partner: 1

Participating Partners: 0, 1, 6 and 9


- The multiplication of the collected plant material for its conservation and management in the Bank of Plant Germplasm of Cuenca (Spain). Other replicas may be established subsequently in the near future.

-To guaranty an appropriate management of the Crocus germplasm collection and to make available this material to potential users.


Descriptions of work:

- On-farm conservation of the collection will be made in the Bank of Germplasm of Albadalejito (partner 1) with guidance of partners 13 and 10 with respect to cropping conditions and cultural techniques for saffron and the different Crocus species, respectively.

- Ex situ conservation based on tissue culture techniques, when required, will be completed by partner 0 in coordination with partners 6 and 11.

- Elaboration of an effective documentation system , with the passport and characterization data of the accessions. This task will be carried out by the holder of the collection (partner 1) consulting the PMC.

- Creation of a DNA bank for use in gene isolation, phylogenetic/taxonomic analysis and comparison/verification of new entries with voucher specimens, will be carried out by partners 0 and 9.