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Minute from the meeting, Gallery and Group Presentations  

Second Annual Meeting

The Second Annual CROCUSBANK Meeting for Project Management and Assessment of Progress was take place at the "Garden Hall" auditorium in Krokos-Kozani, Greece, from the 23 rd -24 th of May, 2009.

The project's meeting, that was structured in two sessions: one for the progress report of the WPs1-5, and the second for the progress report of WP7 and financial issues.

Important dates were also settled:
For the current technical and financial report (2nd year)
- Deadline for presenting the technical and financial information for the 2nd year in electronic format: 20th June 2009
- Deadline for shiping to the coordinator the paper version of the financial documents, properly signed, stamped and audited: 16th July 2009

For the next 3rd year meeting:
- It will be held in Sicily-Italy (Park of Etna), suggested dates: 13-17 of April 2010, and kindly hosted by the group of DOFATA-UNICT (Prof. Branca).

List of participants
Partner 0 (UCLM-Spain):   Dr. J. A. Fernández, Dr. M. Roldán, Dr. M. Santaella.

Partner 1 (JCCM-Spain): Dr. M. de-los-Mozos Pascual.

Partner 2 (AUA-Greece):   Prof. M. Polissiou, Dr. Kanakis, Mr. Petrakis, Mrs. Anastasaki.

Partner 3 (AUTH-Greece):  Prof. M. Tsimidou, Dr. F. Mantzoridou, Dr. S. Ordoudi, Dr. N. Nenadis, Mrs. Naziri

Partner 4 (UPLVC-Spain):   Dr. R. V. Molina.

Partner 5 (TJMT-France):  Mr. J.M. Thiercelin, Mr. J.P. Thiercelin.

Partner 6 (DOFATA-UNICT):  Prof. F. Branca, Dr. S. Argento

Partner 7 (UD):  Dr. G. Suranyi.

Partner 9 (ULEIST-UK):  Dr. Pat Heslop-Harrison.

Partner 10 (NAGREF-Greece): Dr. E. Maloupa.

Krokos-Kozani. Greece, May, 2009