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First Annual Meeting

The CROCUSBANK First Annual Meeting for Project Management and Assessment of Progress was take place at the Agricultural Research Center of Northern Greece, National Agricultural Research Foundation (NAGREF), in Thessaloniki, Greece, from the 28 th -31 st of May, 2008.

This First Workshop was intended to perform a joint evaluation of progress and possible adjustments of future plans, between partners involved in the international project CROCUSBANK.

List of participants
Partner 0 (UCLM-Spain):   Dr. José-Antonio Fernández-Pérez, Dr. Marta Roldán-Medina, Dr. Marcela Santaella.

Partner 1 (JCCM-Spain): Dr. Marcelino de-los-Mozos Pascual

Partner 2 (AUA-Greece):   Dr. Petros Tarantilis, Ms. Konstantina Astraka, Mr. Eleftherios Petrakis, Dr. Maria Tsimidou.

Partner 3 (AUTH-Greece):  Dr. Fani Mantzouridou, Dr. Nikos Nenadis, Dr. Stella Ordoudi, Prof. Anastasios Tsaftaris.

Partner 4 (UPLVC-Spain):   Dr. José-Luis Guardiola, Dr. Rosa-V. Molina.

Partner 6 (UNICT-Italy):  Dr. Ferdinando Branca, Dr. Sergio Argento.

Partner 7 (UD-Hungary): Dr. Gyula Surányi.

Partner 8 (INPT-France): Dr. Christine Raynaud.

Partner 9 (ULEIST-UK):  Dr. Pat Heslop-Harrison.

Partner 10 (NAGREF-Greece): Dr. Eleni Maloupa, Dr. Katerina Grigoriadou, Dr. Nikolaos Krigas, Dr. Giorgos Tsoktourdiris.

Partner 11 (KU/GU-Turkey):  Dr. Hasan Vurdu.

Partner 12 (ANAS-Azerbaijan):  Dr. Khalil Gasimov, Dr. Raufbay Babayev.

Partner 13 (NRC-Egipt):  Dr. Mahmoud Sharaf-Eldin.

NAGREF. May, 2008